Why Netbooks are becoming more popular

According to reports netbooks popularity is rocketing, that by 2012 there will be 36 million netbooks sold every year. Here are two reasons why netbooks are becoming popular:

Mobility - netbooks are indeed smaller than laptops, a netbook can have a screen up to 10 inches from corner to corner, it has longer battery life as compared to laptops, and larger screen as compared to cell phones leads to a device that is very easy to carry around. With netbook it is easy to move when traveling to different cities and countries.

Netbooks are almost the same as normal laptops that is most of the hardware parts inside are the same as the hardware parts of a standard laptop. One of the differences is that netbooks generally use special processors, most notably the Intel Atom processor or other low-energy consuming special CPUs.
Of course, a netbook is not as powerful as a server and some models have serious limitations in functionality but as a whole netbooks are as powerful as a standard laptop with similar characteristics.

Netbooks are generally cheaper than laptops- most users use their PCs mostly for surfing the internet, watching movies, listening to music, email, word processing, and other uses that don’t really require a very fancy laptop.

The biggest thing driving netbooks is that they allow people to do most of what they would do with the internet - anywhere. Phones have really small screens but netbooks are excellent- big enough to use for surfing the internet, and small enough to carry around. Phones fundamentally are communication devices. Laptops are either used for work or as communication devices. If your main usage of your computer or laptop is for the internet, a netbook is a better option. A significant part of what people do on the internet - email, social networks - is communication. O

Overall, a netbook is petite and sweet, powerful and affordable.


  1. Hi! I'm planning to buy an Acer Aspire netbook, hopefully next month!

  2. very affordable, petite , handy! I can bring my notebook anywhere!

  3. Hi Dave! enjoy your new netbook soon :)

    Hi Tammy! so it's true pala..thanks for sharing your experience with your netbook :)