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My other blog which I’ve applied in a paid post program was declined, the reason was it’s domain and hosting are about to expire. Anyway they say I can re-apply after two months. Since I have no opps to take, I just visit This site provides a free research guide to users looking for the right host for their personal or business site.

If you’re new to hosting you don’t have to worry because their live tech support will help you every step of the way. Aside from that they have created a learning area where they explain the basics of web hosting. The prices they offer are budget friendly so there’s nothing to worry as well. Some starts at $4.95 and go as high as $11.95 per year.

Setting up an account is easy. You just have to select your preferred host, create an account using your credit card, change name servers appropriate for your site, upload using FTP and then publish.

So, are you thinking of hosting your own site in your own domain? Visit their site for more web hosting choice information, answers to most common questions about web hosts can be found thru their FAQ page.

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