Haribo gummy candy

Our neighbor arrived yesterday from USA, they gave our kids some chocolates and Haribo gold bears gummy candies. My kids loved the taste of gummy candies, and they asked me if we could buy some more of these candies here. I’m not sure if I can find or buy haribo gold bears here in our country so I just searched for haribo gold bears online store.
I google haribo gold bears and I found the Sugar Stand online candy store. Sugar Stand sells Haribo brand gummy candy, I’ve learned that Haribo has been making their trusty Gold Bears since 1920, but now they have expanded to offer Techno Bears, Alphabets, Gummi Fruit Salads, and even Gummi Fizzy Cola. Haribo sweets have a history that begins in Germany, long before the gummy craze of today. While famous for Haribo gummi bears, the company got its start with dancing bears and licorice sticks. Haribo gummi bears have long been a favorite with candy connoisseurs, who love them for their delicious sweet and fruity taste, their soft and pleasant texture and of course their unique translucent appearance. You can also choose from your favorite fruit flavors and shapes like strawberry, peach, raspberry, and cherry.
By the way, Sugar Stand’s online candy store is open 24/7. You can place your online order anytime through their secure ordering system. They use SSL 128-bit encryption for all transactions making sure your order is secure. In addition, they value your privacy and won’t SPAM your inbox or sell your email address.

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