Hosted Lotus Notes

Recession and cost cutting are the common words we often hear today, everyone’s finding ways to reduce operating and maintenance costs in most industries.
For companies searching for ways to reduce cost on software applications, Phase 2 has come up with affordable software application through a mechanism called SaaS (Software as a Service). With the help of SaaS you have the freedom to stop paying hefty amount for business solution. They act like a host in providing an integrated solution to the organization. The services ranging from Microsoft Live Communicator, Microsoft Exchange ,Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Project, accounting, HR and applications for CRM.
Phase 2 is the first company to partner with IBM to offer Lotus notes as a true SaaS provider. Now they offer hosted lotus connections and hosted lotus notes at an affordable cost. By subscribing to Business Software you can get high ended software without any contracts and pay per-employee per month. They also provide lotus notes 7.0 2. an award-winning messaging platform for inter-branch communication, integrated tools like group calendars, bookmarks, news readers and more. Phase 2 offers 100% guarantee in providing, high security and privacy for the information that are stored by the client.
If you’re planning to reduce your company’s operational cost, why not visit their site and look for a perfect solution that suits for your business.

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