Weekend inspirations: Counting Life's Blessings

Petal by petal - stem by stem,
Where oh where do I begin?

One is for the Lord above,
Who gives His everlasting love.

Two is for the little things
That all His kindness brings.

Three is for the Trinity,
We give our greatest thanks to Thee.

Four is for the gift of life,
Through the good times and the strife.

Five is for our family so dear,
Both those that are far and near.

Six is for blessings we reap,
Moments close to our hearts we keep.

Seven is for food, fun and friends;
The joy that they bring never ends.

Eight is for a nice warm bed,
Knowing there's a roof safely over my head.

Nine is for every brand new day
And for the moments in which we pray.

Ten is for how I can always depend
On how life's blessings never really end...

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