What if..

A lot of changes are happening here in our office after our company sales manager filed her resignation two weeks ago, she and her family will migrate in Canada next month. This is not the first time that a sales manager in our company resigned for migration, the one she succeeded migrated also in London. Our president didn’t hire a new sales manager, instead he just transferred one manager from other department to sales department and assigned him as the new sales manager. This brought change in our organizational structure and so with our office set up so everybody’s busy in packing things, some office furniture were even transferred.

Anyway I’m not really affected with all the commotion in our office, i’m just wondering at this moment, what if we pursued with our plans to migrate in Australia few years back, what kind of life could we have or situation we could be in right now. Hmm..well, it’s a question only God knows the answer.^-^

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