Holistic drug rehab

Drug addiction has become a major problem in our country, in fact last week our President declared an all-out-war against drug pushers when apparently a PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Angency) agent’s daughter was abducted and raped by suspected drug traffickers. Though later it was denied by PDEA’s director general.

Anyway speaking of drug addiction, have you heard about holistic drug rehab? I read an article about it and honestly it’s the first time that I heard about holistic drug rehabilitation. According to the article, natural detox is one of the first parts of holistic rehabilitation. This is to get rid of the toxins left by drugs in the body as these are what causes the cravings. In this treatment the person has to alter his/her diet and possibly take vitamins and supplements.

A therapy is also used to treat the mind and spirit of the addict, people in rehab are encouraged to participate in yoga or meditation classes. Letting go of tensions, healing their minds and strengthening the spirit can help a person to resist their previous addiction once they come out of rehab. Acupuncture and Chinese medicines are also encouraged as part of holistic rehab as they promote health and wellbeing.

Holistic drug rehab really does treat the whole person and not just the addiction. The treatment’s aim is to show a positive way of living and a drug free healthy lifestyle. Knowing all these, it is no wonder why so many people are opting to holistic drug rehab.

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