Craving for chocolates

I'm craving for chocolate or chocolate cake. I saw these mouth watering photos while surfing which makes me crave even more.

However i'm trying to loose weight and i know i should avoid chocolates. But I can’t control my cravings! Anyway I already found a diet pill that works for me so it’s no longer a big problem. But of course I will eat in moderation plus I will do simple work out also, it’s not proper to just rely on my diet pills.


  1. ayyy...pati ako ngcrave narin pagkakita nitong cake na ito...

  2. I'm odd, not a chocolate person and I know there aren't many of us. lol But, somewhere I read you should eat one small piece of very good candy, or one small piece of very good cake etc, to satisfy your craving so you don't go of the wagon.

    Good luck,
    The picture of the cake is quite pretty, now find me a really good cherry pie...much prefer that type of sweet.

  3. I am always craving for any chocolate food. :(

  4. my wife always crave for chocolates