Pimple and Acne treatment

We went to a dermatologist two weeks ago because of my daughter’s pimple problem. We do not want to experiment on any kind of pimple treatment because it could just worsen the problem so eventhough I know it’s expensive I didn’t hesitate anymore.

The doctor prescribed antibiotics for her pimple, a liquid solution and creams to apply daily. I observed that her pimple problem somehow improved though few pimples still break out when she had her monthly period.

I have nieces who also deal with acne problems and up to now they’re still looking for the best acne treatment. If only they treated their pimple at it’s early stage they have could have prevented their acne problem today.


  1. Green tea face scrub is also good solution for Acne & Blackheads removal. Tea Oil Treatment is great for acne, pimples.