Weekend inspirations: There is a Reason

There is a Reason
There is always a reason for everything.
You have many problems, and then they take wing.
You may wonder then, where you got the knack,
Of sending them away, but you know they'll be back!

It's not your doing, it's He that you serve,
He takes care of you, more than you deserve.
When we see Him in that land so high,
We may learn the reasons - up there in the sky!

Reasons for our pain, for our troubles and all,
Are they to make sure, that on Him we call?
Some things make us stronger, and some make us wait,
For something we want - Oh, don't let it be late!

Things are going badly for you this fine day?
Take your cares to Jesus, get on your knees and pray!
Tell Him you love Him, and He owns you heart and soul.
Then everything will come out right, for God is in control!

- Dot Wilson -

Hope this poem inspires you today. Happy weekend and God bless!

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