Gallstone: causes and treatment

My mother in law was confined in the hospital due to severe stomach pain, she was diagnosed with gallstones through ultrasound. At first the doctor gave her antibiotics but last night he said a surgery is already needed to remove the gallstones.

So, what is this gallstone and its causes?

Gallstones are lump of rock-like material inside the gall bladder and formed as a result of precipitation of cholesterol and bile salts from the bile. Most bile is produced in the liver from cholesterol and concentrated in the gall bladder.

What are the symptoms of gallstone? There will be severe pain in the upper right side of the abdomen when the gallstone obstructs the gall bladder. The pain will come and go in waves as strong muscular contractions. Other symptoms of gallstones are: mild pain under the right ribs. This pain usually occurs after eating fatty foods because fat in the diet provokes a reflex contraction of the gall bladder.

If there is complete obstruction of the gall bladder, infection of the gall bladder occurs. Symptoms of a complete obstruction are: fever and jaundice.

The treatment for gallstones: If the gallstones are causing pain, they can be removed by surgical procedures. If there is an infection, the infection can be treated by medication prescribed by the doctor.

If you think you may have a gallstone, contact your doctor immediately.


  1. My mum is suffering from gallstones,but she isn't feeling any pain..There's only 1 problem & that is she suffers from indigestion often..Please can you tell me what steps should be taken.And what are the side effects of painless gallstones if not removed??
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  2. Thanks for this information. These are the symptoms and treatment. Now, to avoid these symptoms and treatment in the first place we should know foods to avoid with gallstones.