Help Ondoy victims

Three days after typhoon Ondoy brought havoc to Philippines electricity and internet are now back to normal and finally I’m also back to blogging. Thank God our place was spared from flood but many of our neighboring towns in Bulacan were casualties of flashfloods and I feel sorry for them. Many lost their houses, their source of income, and some even lost their loved ones. I have a churchmate who lost his house and all his belongings so our church members contributed something to help him and his family. My officemate was also a victim fortunately his rented apartment has second floor so they were able to save some of their appliances and personal things. He said for two days they have no power and water supply, the flood water was waist deep so it was very difficult. When the water subsided their walls and floor ceramic tiles were full of mud and stains.

Anyway, lots of horrible experiences brought by typhoon Ondoy have spread over the internet and they were all heart breaking. Many have pledged help and support for the victims and casualties of typhoon Ondoy but aside from material things they also need encouragement so let’s continue to pray for them, that in these trying and most difficult times in their lives they will not loose hope, that they will hold on to their faith because we can only find comfort and strength in the loving arms of our Father in Heaven.

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