What a day!

Last night before going to bed I set my cellphone alarm, it should be 4:45 am but maybe because I was very tired and sleepy I erroneously set the alarm at 5:45 am so what happened was I woke up late this morning! Me and my kids hurriedly prepared ourselves to make it to school and work on time, but the situation got even worst when my son told me about his assignment in school. He said they need to bring three colored circular cardboards, with a popsicle stick attached to it and an ABC letters written on each. His Dad and sister were very upset when they heard about it, though i’m also dismayed, i just took all the things needed and started to cut the board using box cutter, paste the colored paper and popsicle sticks and wrote the ABC letters. Husband and daughter even though they were so upset also lend a hand. So, with all of us working together, we finished the assignment and made it to school and work just in time. Whew! What a day to start this week. :D

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