6 Keys to a Better Marriage Today

Dr. Gary Rosberg and his wife, Barbara, have identified a number of key biblical principles they feel are key if a marriage is to truly be “divorce proof.” And following these guidelines will not only improve your relationship with your spouse today, doing so will also establish a pattern your children can follow for their relationship with their future spouse as well.

They call these principles, “6 Keys to a Better Marriage Today.”  If you want to strengthen your union right away, start showing these to your spouse . . . .

1. Forgiving Love -- Because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross, all of our sins have been forgiven. The forgiving love He has shown to us is essential in a marriage. It offers a fresh start after one spouse hurts or offends another. Without forgiveness, no marriage will ever last.
2. Serving Love -- Do you know your spouse’s deepest needs? Loving him or her with a servant’s heart is the best and quickest way to find out. Serve one another in love (after all – the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve).

3. Persevering Love -- Marriage is a marathon – not a sprint. Are you in it for the long haul, or do you have the tendency to “bail out” when the going gets tough? Persevering love sustains us through the trials of life (and trials are what makes any marriage real).

4. Guarding Love -- In other words, let him or her know that you’ll do anything to keep the marriage together (as long as its legal and moral, of course). The modern culture isn’t all that keen on marriage -- even though it’s the backbone of society. Guarding love protects your heart and the heart of your spouse from the threats to your marriage, and believe me they’re out there!

5. Celebrating Love -- That’s right – celebrate your marriage! What a gift the two of you have been given. Celebrating love equips you to maintain a satisfying emotional, physical, and spiritual connection with your mate. Celebrate it!

6. Renewing Love -- No marriage will survive if either or both spouses constantly challenge its integrity by threatening to leave. The fact is, Renewing love enables both husband and wife to regard the marriage covenant as unbreakable (just like God does). So share this gift with your spouse every day. Rejoice in the fact that you’ll be together forever -- “for better or worse!”
These six vital expressions of love will make your marriage better. They’ll also help you teach your children how to understand what biblical love and marriage are all about.
Love takes time – any good relationship does. So stay the course , keep praying, and start “divorce-proofing” your marriage by loving your spouse!

(Information taken from the book, Divorce-Proof Your Marriage by Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg.)

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