Another stormy weekened

Less than a week after typhoon Ondoy devastated Metro Manila and nearby provinces, a powerful new cyclone entered Philippine territory Wednesday afternoon. Typhoon Pepeng intensified further on Thursday afternoon, prompting the government to place eight provinces and two islands under storm alert levels. News report says typhoon Pepeng may still intensify and threatens to become a super typhoon which is said to be carrying disastrous winds.

It’s not going to be a happy weekend again because our plan to go out has to be cancelled because of typhoon Pepeng. Hmm maybe this afternoon I’ll just buy the faucets we need for our kitchen and bathroom. Since we’ll be staying home this weekend it’s a good time to replace those old and quite worn out faucets, also to remove and organize house clutters and do other worthwhile activities at home. Well, sounds good to me but I’m sure not for hubby and the kids.heheh ^_^

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