Fireproof movie

As I’ve mentioned yesterday I will have a new format on my blog and here’s my first post about the topic love and relationship. I would like to share the movie we watched last July it’s about a couple whose marriage is on the rocks. The movie is entitled Fireproof. I think many Christian churches are using this movie when they conduct seminars for married couples. Couples will learn a lot from this movie, especially those who are in the same situation.

So what's this movie all about? Fireproof is an action-packed love story about a firefighter and his wife…and a marriage worth rescuing. Divorce seems like the only answer for Catherine, a young wife whose fire chief husband, Caleb, can save everything but their marriage. A powerful challenge from a book called "The Love Dare" brings Caleb to his knees. To Catherine’s surprise, he valiantly fights to reignite the flame of passion she thought was gone forever.

Below are photos of Bishop Jonel Milan, a known marriage counselor in radio station 702 DZAS here in the Philippines. After watching the movie he gave inspiring message,  tips and advice for the couples.

This movie is available in DVD, you can grab a copy at

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