God will help you to rekindle the flame

When you care more about pleasing yourself than pleasing your mate, your marriage is in trouble. Most marriages fail for one reason; selfishness. 'Just give me a few more months. I'll have this project at work behind me and things will get back to normal.'   How many wives have heard this from their husband when they try to let him know they need more of his time and attention? And what happens? The project gets finished and he gets involved in something else just as demanding.

Because her needs keep going unmet, hopelessness and resentment set in and she forms a protective shell. Often at this point the husband is clueless. He says things like, 'I work hard. I bring my money home. I'm not running around on you.' And then the big one: 'I'm doing all this for you.' But his wife didn't marry a business or a wage packet, she married him. And there is absolutely nothing he can do to replace himself in her life, no matter what he gives her. That's why when many couples had less, they had everything because they had each other. Now they have everything, but they have nothing. Once that hard shell forms it's hard to penetrate. And worse, the statistics of divorce prove that very few men have the patience to do it. That's when they get attracted to other women; but the flame of love can melt that hard shell. If you start where you are and commit yourself to loving your wife [or husband] all over again, God will help you to rekindle that flame.

Thanks to The Vine for this wonderful message.

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