Thoughts on cars

One topic that husband and I love to discuss is about car, ever since we bought a second hand car we always talk about car performance, car maintenance, car models, etc. But most of all we always talk about our dream car, especially my husband who’s very eager to drive a brand new car. Some of the cars he likes are Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu Sportivo, and Honda CR-V. While I like RV van, I find it very suitable for family out of town trips. But I know this car is not common here so I’m sure maintaining an RV is not just expensive but difficult as well, aside from that I’m not sure if RV towing is available here in our country.

Anyway speaking of cars, I accepted my friend’s invitation to partner with him in launching a new website about cars. We are now working on it and maybe the week after next  our website will be ready. I'm praying for the success of this project, hoping thru this we can buy our dream car in the future.

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