Last Christmas..

How's your Christmas day celebration? Ours was good though there was a little hassle that morning.When we're about to leave our house the car didn't start. After checking and testing, husband found out that the car battery was the cause of problem. He looked for an auto supply and tried to buy a car battery but none of the stores were open. We just called my brother and asked for help, he said my father has a back up car battery so he borrowed it and brought the battery to rescue us. Thank God everything went okay and we were able to visit our parents and relatives and celebrated the Christmas day with them. Two days before Christmas our car had another repairs done, so all in all we've been spending too much on our car that's why we're thinking of selling our car and buying a better and bigger vehicle. I really want an RV but i know it's not easy to maintain that car, RV parts is very limited here so i'm sure RV repair will be difficult also. Anyway, i'm not financially capableof buying an RV so i better forget about it, not unless 2010 will be a very lucky year for me. Well, who knows?life is full of mystery.

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