Adipex for weight loss

I told my friend yesterday about my plan to loose weight and that I’m looking for weight loss products. She told me to try adipex, an appetite suppressant. I want to know more if this weight loss product is really safe and effective, so I searched the net for adipex reviews and customer testimonies. I want to share a part of the adipex review posted from one review site:
"We found that with Adipex, you lose about 10-15% more weight when using it. But this is if you see any results at all. In addition, the results generally only last a few weeks at a time. Then users find that the results abruptly stop and they stop losing weight in general when taking this particular supplement. Yet people still flock to use this supplement. In addition, the side effects are definitely some to be considered. They can be extremely severe and even include sudden and extreme weight gain."
After reading this review about adipex, I’m now having second thoughts on using this product.

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