Conjugated Linoleic Acid pills

Yesterday while searching for a healthy diet for my teenager I came across another type of weight loss supplement, it’s called conjugated linoleic acid. The article says this is one of the most talked about diet pills on the market right now. Here are the details:

Conjugated Linoleic Acid pills is a newly discovered good fat. It is naturally found in the grass fed animal's meat and dairy products. Recently, it has been made into a synthetic version. Its many uses include being a muscle builder and a diet aid.

And this is how it actually works:
It slows the growth rate of fat cells. CLA helps the body by taking the glucose we normally ingest and moving it more quickly and efficiently to muscles cells. Glucose no longer feeds the fat cells. Instead you are now growing and rebuilding the muscle cells. What all this means to you is your fat cells are growing at a much slower rate and your muscle cells are growing at a much faster rate.
Hmm sounds good? Anyway, how about you do you have any experience using conjugated linoleic acid pills? It would be nice if you could share.

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