A healthy diet for teenagers

I need effective diets that work for my daughter. But with all the programs being promoted out there today I’m confused on where start.

Anyway, here are few recommendations I found online: a healthy diet for teenagers


A skimmed yogurt or 100 grams of fresh cheese or a glass of low fat milk;
A slice of bread
A fresh fruit, for fructose, vitamins and fiber, or, failing that, a glass of fruit juice.


150 grams of fish or lean meat (alternately with two eggs twice a week) for protein
200 grams of green vegetables of your choice.
A small bowl of whole grains and potatoes
5 grams of sunflower margarine
100 grams of fresh cheese
A fresh fruit

Afternoon snack

A 0% fat yogurt
A hot or cold drinks, no sugar or sweetener.


A bowl of vegetable soup made at home
150 grams fish or meat in the oven without fat
200 grams of green vegetables with 10 grams margarine for essential fatty acids
A slice of bread
A fresh fruit.


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