The worn out sofa

Last Saturday my daughter’s classmates went to our house to do their school project. At first I was hesitant because I will not be around to accommodate and prepare the snacks for them since I’m at work. But my daughter keeps on pleading so i decided to just prepare the spaghetti sauce and cook the pasta the night before. The following day when I ask my daughter about her classmates’ comment, she said they all loved the spaghetti. And one more comment which i’m really expecting is that they will notice our old worn out sofa. LOL That’s another reason why i am hesitant to let them come to our house, our chairs are limited and though they can still sit on the sofa it’s no longer comfortable.

Anyway, i’m already setting aside some our budget for it and eyeing for contemporary sofas at the mall. Hopefully by next month we can buy the sofa so our daughter won’t feel embarrassed next time her friends come to visit her.

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  1. Mama Elviz!

    It's me, Windy. hahaha.

    How are you doing?

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