Xenadrine review

Are you one of those people who use Xenadrine to lose weight? If you are then you might want to learn more about the product you’re using. I want to share a short xenadrine review and shed light on whether it is really a safe diet pill as many people consider it to be or not.
Scientists of California University conducted a test on 2 diet pills - Advantra and Xenadrine EFX. They found out that both these pills cause around 18% increase in heart beat of people. This is an increase of about 11-16 heart beats per minute. In addition to that, Xenadrine pills also caused increase in blood pressure of people who consumed them. The blood pressure increased in the range of seven to twelve percent.
This is just a short info about Xenadrine, if you want to learn more about this diet pill check out Xenadrine reviews online. I believe it is best to be well informed and knowledgeable before using this product or any kind of weight loss pill or supplement.


  1. ive been using xenadrine for 3 days now. im a 16 year old girl and i weigh 239 pounds. quite overwieght. i dropped 4 pounds from 243. i havent felt sick or jittery or anything odd at all. i cant wit to see what i lose in a week! im so excited!

  2. I thought using
    xenadrine is not allowed for minors? I think it's 18 and above?