Cochlear implant

I have hearing problem since 1995, my right ear is suffering from profound hearing loss. It is a condition where the cochlear nerve, also known as the auditory nerve, is damaged beyond repair. The tiny hair cells located in the cochlea responsible for moving electrical impulses to the brain, are no longer viable. I wore hearing aid in the first two years since i was diagnosed but it didn't help so i just stopped using it.

When i learned about cochlear implant, i found new hope in my hearing problem. Here's what the study says about cochlear implants:

With the advent of scientific technological advances, the cochlear implant may give new life to a deaf existence. People who can not hear at all may finally be able to hear sounds they have lost the capacity to hear, or hear sounds they have never heard before.

The cochlear implant is a hearing device that is surgically implanted on the side of the head, behind the ear, in the temporal bone.The device replaces the work of damaged inner ear structures, using vibration that send signals to the brain for interpretation.

But the solution is not for everyone, a deaf person should consult a doctor to see if MedEl cochlear implants is right for him/her before undergoing a cochlear implant surgery.

Right now i'm thankful that i can still hear with my left ear, i just hope if ever i will have the financial capability to undergo cochlear implant in the future, cochlear implant will be applicable to me.


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    I'd like to acknowledge receipt of your donation to the Project Heavenly Home. Thank you for your generosity and benevolence. It means so much not only to me and Windy but more especially for the widow and her 3 children.

    May God bless you more and more!

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  4. hi. i also have profound hearing loss since i was a kid. used a hearing aid but it didn't really help. i'm thinking of having CI surgery too. do you have an idea on how much will be spent for such procedure??