Overseas job hunting

My brother is applying for work abroad, he said the only way he can give his family a better future is to work abroad than to work here in our country. With our current economic situation I can’t help but agree with him. Though I know how difficult it is for his wife and kids not having him around, they must sacrifice a little for their family’s future. Anyway, my sister in law has a friend abroad and she said her friend is willing to help my brother to get a job there. I also search for job opportunities online to help him, through IT job search I found some job offers. I already sent his resume, hopefully in the next few days we'll get replies from those companies. Hayz I really hope so.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan. My sis in law is planning to go abroad as well. My bro is a teacher but his salary is just not enough to support his family with 2 kids plus mortgage. Good luck to your brother.