Security camera

Are you confused when it comes to selecting the right security camera that suits your needs? Here are some information about the types of security cameras in common use today. There are three types of cameras often used today, the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television), web security cameras and IP security camera.

CCTV is the most popular and the cheapest, because only need cameras, cable and television for monitoring. If you want, you can add a video recorder to save the live video of your property being monitored. Its weakness is that we should be in front of the monitor screen to monitor our property, if we are not on that place so we cannot monitor our property.

Web security camera is almost the same with IP security cameras. Both types of these cameras allow us to monitor our property remotely using Internet technology. The difference is web security camera (webcam) cannot be used continuously 24 hours, but IP camera can. That is the advantage of IP camera, some IP camera is also equipped with special features that allow users to view video display no longer on the PC but on mobile devices like mobile phones, smart phones, or PDA.

Many people these days are shifting from CCTV to IP camera to monitor their property. In addition, with the IP Camera, you not just simply monitor the space or property, but can also create a live television "station" that can be viewed by family or relatives in all parts of the world.

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