Tips on free directory submissions

Submitting your site to free web directory brings not only traffic, but a non-reciprocal back-link to your website. Getting your website included into 100 free online directories gives you a nice side effect of 100 extra non-reciprocal back-links. And back-links are one of the most important ingredients in the high search engine results recipe.

But while it is true that submitting to free directories is relatively quick and easy, it's also true that many webmasters are seeing acceptance percentages of less than 20%. Even worse, some websites get outright blacklisted from many of these web directories.

If you’re planning to submit your website to free web directories here are some tips and guidelines to help you get a high percentage of acceptances.

- Always read the submission rules and guidelines
- Do not submit sites that are under construction.
- Do not submit MFA (made for Adsense) websites
- Do not submit link redirect pages
- Double-check before submitting adult or pharmaceutical websites
- Use proper case for significant words in the title and description
- Submit only homepage unless explicitly stated that inner page submissions are accepted
- Do not submit into top-level categories


  1. A free directory submission human edited I found one here:

    Not bad, 'cause it doesn't need mandatory backlinks and have the rel="follow" to links