Weight loss success story

I read an interesting weight loss success story while surfing the net yesterday, if you’re interested I’m sharing it here so read on and learn first-hand lessons from a certain guy who did it:
It's the story of Brian Foster, 40, who had always struggled with weight issues for the past 10 years. During high school he was athletic and enjoyed a knockout body, but after getting married in his early 30s he somehow he fell into compulsive eating. Until the company where he works with hold a weight-loss contest, he joined the contest and began exercising rigidly every day and eating high-fiber foods with very low fat. He adapted low carb diet by eating lean protein and to resist eating mindlessly, he drank lots of water and ate small portions of snacks in between meals.

To make the long story short, he won the company's weight loss contest and got $3000 prize. But his weight loss success story didn't last for 15 minutes. He continues to practice good workouts everyday, and moderate eating all time. Yes, he's had a few slip-ups but that's only because he indulge himself during holidays and special occasions like his son's birthdays. Most days he sticks to healthy, moderate diet throwing regular exercise for good measure.

Reading others’ weight loss success stories are really inspiring, we can take them for ourselves and use them to help achieve our own weight loss success story someday.

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