Do you look younger or older than your age?

anti-agingEveryone in this world wants to look younger, no one wants to see herself older, with dull skin, puffy eye bags, wrinkles etc. Thanks to technology, more and more methods and products are being developed to solve the skin aging problem. Like, if you want fast result you can take oral medicines like prevera or use anti-aging creams or undergo anti-aging treatment in derma clinics.

However if you don’t like to spend on those that I’ve mentioned above, there are natural ways to make you look younger. The basic and most common ways are to include a well balanced nutritional diet in your daily meals. Diets that are high in fibre are very beneficial for skin health like cabbage, spinach, brocolli, green leafy vegetables, etc. Drinking plenty of water and fluids is another effective way how to make skin look younger. Avoid alcohol, sodas, soft drinks and heavy juices as far as possible. The average amount of water that you must be drinking everyday is around 8-10 glasses of pure and filtered water. You should also protect your skin from the other factors that have negative impact on skin health like UV rays, excessive stress and inadequate sleep.


  1. Next to our skin, our hair style also is a big factor on how we look. That's why, admit it, ladies and mommies (women in general) - we spend and care (too much?) about our hair.

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  2. Next to our skin, our hair style also is a big factor on how we look.
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