Bextra side effects, lawsuits and settlement

Have you experienced Bextra heart attacks? If you experienced serious side effects because you used the drug called Bextra, you can search for an attorney, to help you get compensations from Bextra's producer. There are a lot of qualified Bextra attorneys, and they are ready to help you, so that you can make a legal claim for damages. Most attorneys who do this type of work charge on a contingency basis; you do not pay unless they both agree to take your case and win in court. Settlements in these sorts of cases vary widely; some class-action suits yield just a few dollars per person. Individual suits could yield dramatically larger amounts, and if you need long-term medical care as a result of Bextra induced harm, you could qualify for a structured settlement.

Bextra is once a popular drug for arthritis. But when the US FDA had ordered its pullout, it ceased to be the wonder drug that it used to. Long term use of Bextra led to adverse cardiovascular problems, including heart attack and stroke. Even potentially life-threatening skin reactions have been associated with this drug.

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