How to win your spouse back

It's true that men and women are very different creatures. If you want to learn how to win your spouse back, it is imperative that you fully understand what went wrong. You may find it hard to believe, but almost any relationship/marriage is salvageable. It does not matter what situation you are in right now. There are methods available, some extremely simple, that can put your relationship on the right track again. Without even knowing it, many couples start tearing down their relationship from the very beginning. Well, usually not from the very beginning because there is always that period of romance when we are on our best behavior and the sun rises and sets on that special person in our lives.

Eventually life's stresses and hardships get in the way and the magic seems, well a little less magic. Reality of every day life sets in. Schedules are often hectic, especially if there are children involved. If communicating turns into arguments and battling one another is a daily or even weekly scene, you owe it to yourselves to find a way to change. This might be difficult when egos, selfishness and just plain being stubbornness gets in the way. Seeking alternatives to a divorce should be your number one objective. Many couples have bounced back from troubled relationships that include infidelity, excessive fighting, children issues, not enough quality time, unresolved conflicts, problems revolving around sex or money and more.

We all know that marriage should be a partnership. It is a team where two people work together for the good of their family. Standing behind your partner 100% and building them up rather than tearing them down is crucial. That does not mean that one should give up their goals or be a doormat. Both individuals need to treat each other with respect and be fortified with the knowledge that your mate will be there for you. This goes way beyond "love". Always remember that painful words spoken to one another can never really be taken back. You have enormous power to change your actions and attitudes that will undoubtedly change the dynamics of your marriage.

We all want to fall or be in love and know without a shadow of a doubt that our spouse will always be there for us. Our spouse should be our number one cheerleader. Here are 5 tips to help build a strong marriage:

1. Schedule time together. No television or cell phones. Just listen and talk to each other.

2. Plan a date night at least once a month.

3. Make your spouse a number one priority. This is hard when you also have jobs and children to deal with. There are many little things one can do in a day to let their spouse know that they are important.

4. Strive to have meals together.

5. Make time for intimacy. Nothing binds couples together more than physical intimacy.

If your marriage is already in danger of divorce, starting these tips now may not be possible or even the answer to your problems. However, I want to reiterate that it is never too late to build a strong relationship and bring it back from the brink of disaster. Work is needed on both sides, but you can learn how to win your spouse back no matter how difficult the situation is. Change the vicious cycle that started your marriage down the path of destruction.

Please know that couples do this everyday. Take the very important first step to find out what is needed to save your marriage or relationship and make it even stronger than you ever thought possible. Take care and rest easy knowing there is help for you. I wish I had this resource years ago. I strongly urge you to learn how to win your spouse back.

By Cathi Zimmerman

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