Avoid foods that can cause wrinkles

Did you know that there are foods that can cause wrinkles? Before you search and try the best wrinkle cream today, you may want to read what i learned today.

Certain junk foods taken increase the amount of free radicals present in the body which in turn reduce the amount of collagen. Collagen molecules are the proteins found in the skin, which helps to keep it healthy and elastic in nature. Free radicals which are usually formed with the exposure to sunlight, smoking and air pollution cause the degeneration of collagen. Foods rich with excessive oxidants also cause the generation of these free radicals. Thus it is advised to the people suffering from wrinkles at the early stage to take anti oxidants and avoid the excessive junk foods. Take foods rich with the nutrients and substances that have scientifically been proven to make the person look younger and wrinkles free. Some of the foods that have the property to prevent wrinkles include tomatoes, spinach, beans, turkey, olives and chocolates.

So if you want to prevent your skin from having wrinkles or save yourself from buying expensive wrinkle creams, then try to avoid the foods that can cause wrinkles.

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