Weight loss tips for teen girls

My daughter is just 14 years old and she’s already bigger than me. That’s because aside from being tall she’s quite overweight also. We already told her to watch out her diet or else she’ll become an obese. But i don’t expect a quick weight loss for her because i know it will be difficult on her part especially now that she goes to school, she should not skip any meal just to loose weight.

I read that teenage girls need to be given the best guidance when it comes to weight loss. I found some tips and ways in which teenage girls can lose weight, here they are:

Kick the junk. The easiest way to lose weight is to remove most of the junk from what we consume in a day. That includes the fries, the pizzas, the chocolates, the chips, the colas, the golgappas… the list is endless. It is not advisable to say never have all these; just reduce the portion and frequency when it comes to eating junk food.

Work out. Working out need not mean you go for a lifetime membership of the nearest fitness center. You could choose to go for running, jogging, swimming, taking up a sport, dance and so on. You must understand that an exercise regime that works for others may not work for you; so you may have to find your own way.

Create a plan. You must have figured out by now as to how much time you have throughout the day. If you are a ‘day person’, someone who is more active during the day and can get up early in the morning; try getting up early in the morning to work out. Then, plan you day in such a way that you end up thinking less about food. If, you are a night person and you find it difficult to wake up early, you may have to exercise during the evening or maybe even at night.

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