Changing your name on Facebook

I read that some Facebook users have struggles on the basic setting of the site. How to change the name on Facebook profile, how to change the display name on Facebook, how to change the last name on Facebook are very commonly asked by new users.

If you’re one of those asking how to change your name on Facebook, just follow these steps.

• Go to the Facebook home page and log into your account.
• Now on the right side of the page you will see the 'account' tab beside the search bar. Click it.
• A list will drop down. In this list select 'account settings'. You will be directed to the account settings page.
• You will see the personal details fields on this page. Go the name field and change your name.
• Now click on save and your settings will be saved. But your display name will not change right away. It usually takes a few hours to change.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the font of your Facebook display name but you can change its appearance. You can make it weird looking by making it inverted or using caps and no caps alternately.

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