Secret of Cameron Diaz's sexy body

While scouring the next for the best diet pills for women, i stumble this article about the secret of Cameron's Diaz sexy body. Sounds interesting? well, here's what the article says about her diet.

Cameron Diaz is lucky because she has fast metabolism and likes high-energy sports like surfing and skiing which burns a lot of calories. Nevertheless, she still has to watch what she eats, especially now that she is in her thirties.

For breakfast she usually has some kind of protein, like lean chicken. That's right, no cereal for her. Skinless chicken that is cooked in the right way is low in fat and high in protein, and gives her lots of energy for the rest of the day. Also, eating a good breakfast can rev up your metabolism for the whole day and help you avoid those mid-morning snack attacks. If Cameron needs to get in perfect shape before filming a movie, her typical diet consists of six smalls meals, all low in carbs. For example, salads, lean chicken, fruits, protein shakes, egg whites, and nuts.

She also undergoes vigorous exercises which include about 30 minutes of cardio and reverse plunges every day.

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