Ceiling lights

My friend was surprised to see all the different gifts she had received from friends and relatives during her house blessings. But of all the gifts she got, she found it wonderful to have this ceiling light that her mother-in-law gave her.It is full of transparent beads, big and small. The color blended the wall and the furniture in the receiving room where she put the ceiling light. Her Mother-in-law bought the item at one of her trips abroad. " It's quite expensive " Lina's mother-in-law told her, and she told Lina to take good care of it. So, to maintain the looks of he ceiling light, my friend see to it that it is dust free weekly. I also like to have a ceiling light in our house however our ceiling is too low so it's not advisable for us to put a ceiling light. Right now we only have outdoor ceiling lights. Anyway, hopefully someday if God will  bless us with a new house, i'll see to it that i can already place the ceiling light i've been dreaming of.


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