Tips For Healthy Weight Loss in Children

In my previous post I wrote about my concern regarding my kids getting over weight so I said I will research for ways on how they will lose weight the healthy way since I’m not in favor of forcing them to go on a diet, to take weight loss supplements or any weight loss program. So, now I just want to share these helpful tips that i gathered from my online search.

-The healthiest weight loss tip for a kid is for him to become active, to have fun and socialize. Engaging in sports or daily activities like jogging will surely help your kid lose weight. If your kid gets tired easily, then think of other ways to motivate him to exercise. Turn them onto new sports that are exciting. You could make him join clubs that have sports or let him play around with other kids in the neighborhood. Take your kids out for a romp in the beach or the park about once a week. Walk them to school or buy them a bicycle. You might also want to give in to their request of having a dog. This way, they can walk the dog without knowing that they are actually exercising.

-Watch your kid's meal. Make him cut back on junk food and replace it with healthier alternatives like crackers, baked and low sugar snacks for example. The hardest part of healthy weight loss for kids would probably be motivation and explaining to them why they should lose weight. Parents need to explain that weight loss is needed to be done not only for the physical benefits but also to help prevent diseases.

-Encourage kids to hydrate and drink more water and avoid juices and soda. This will make them feel less hungry and will help speed up metabolism. Don't forget the healthy drinks like milk before sleeping or during breakfast, as this will keep their bones strong.

-Be a model. If you want healthy weight loss for kids, you have to be healthy yourself.

That's it, hope these helps! =)

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