Wishing for an Ipod

Last week my brother bought an Ipod classic, it’s my mother’s gift to him after passing the nursing board exam. He likes the classic ipod because of its 160GB storage. His plan is to store lots of music videos and movies so he could use it in the hospital when he’s on duty to keep him stay awake. Hmm..I don’t know if that is allowed in the hospital, anyway I know my brother is responsible enough to decide when and where to use it.

By the way when we shopped at greenhills shopping center my daughter was with us and she’s so amazed upon seeing all the ipods on display. She said she wish she could own even one of them. So, I told her to study harder… not because I will buy for her as a reward but because if she becomes successful in her studies she’ll be successful in her career as well. Then she can buy all the latest gadgets she wants to have..using her own salary. Lol! Anyway, I’m thankful that my kids are very understanding, they do not insist if we tell them that we could not afford to buy them expensive things or gadgets. But we hope that more blessings will pour upon us one day so we could make our children happy and make them enjoy their youth just like the other children.

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