Modern Scrub Suit for the Friendly Doctor

Remember the days when your nightmares would include doctors and nurses clad in white lab coats and aprons? In those days, the movies portray medical professionals in their corporate uniforms carrying needles and stethoscopes. However, alongside the upsurge in the popularity of medical dramas especially in Canada and the United States came the revolution in medical fashion. Scrubs, which are the hospital’s surgery room uniform and replacement clothing then, became popular even among non-surgical departments.

Scrubs have gained popularity because of the fusion of function and comfort. They are traditionally loose and unisex apparel. Nurses, for example, spend a great deal of time bustling around the hospital, looking after and attending to patients’ needs round the clock. It is easy enough to say that going around in a pair of loose pants and shirt would be more comfortable than in a white dress and cap. Scrubs help maximize convenience and freedom in movement. But comfort seemed to sacrifice the professional look. Female nurses are refrained from expressing personal style preferences in a dress uniform much more in a formless scrub suit. Nowadays, however, shops have thought up of a way to incorporate aesthetics and somehow offer personality along the standard medical garb. The medical dramas we see on TV showcases female healthcare staff that looked attractive in their scrub uniform. Who says they cannot be trendy and respectable at the same time? Women’s uniforms have been especially made and constantly improved to keep in touch with the feminine form. Ladies’ scrub shirts are more fitting and are available in different types of necklines and cuts. Scrub pants on the other hand are available in various styles like flare, boot cut, low rise and hip flip.

Scrubs today also come in different styles, colors and print patterns. Aside from the traditional white and blue, one can also choose from different colors and prints depending on their department or position. A pediatrician could choose colorful or cartoon character inspired prints while a veterinarian might prefer animal printed scrub suits. Manufacturers also offer custom printed or seasonal designs. In a way, the introduction of printed medical scrubs and lab coats is a means to relate with people. Take the Christmas season for example. Colors make people happy. The Christmas scrubs are sure to stir the joyous spirit among the patients and other people in the workplace than the insipid white coats and pristine nursing dresses. Colored and printed lab coats and medical scrubs also tend to encourage a friendlier and more relaxing atmosphere which can be helpful especially when dealing with children. Well for one, doctors and nurses would look a lot less frightening in our dreams when they appear wearing pink and blue lab coats with flower prints!

Scrubs have dominated modern medical fashion, to some extent because of the influence of media, and most certainly because of the need for a functional and appropriate apparel to help the modern heroes and heroines of healthcare facilities practice their professions.

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