What It Takes To Land A Buyer Job

A buyer is generally a term for a person responsible for jobs like seeking out and negotiating with suppliers, primarily dealing with merchandise for both store and online retail businesses. There are different types of buyer jobs depending on the company who hires them. You can find them at fashion houses, retail shops, department stores, boutiques and virtually in all retail-related businesses. The buyer often negotiates with different suppliers’ representatives who encompass a very diverse demographics and purchases for his or her company.

A buyer also manages retail sales, oversees annual budgets, makes sales reports and sets goals for them. He or she may also be involved with the recruitment of the management staff and may work with the marketing to develop promotional advertisements. Thus the buyer should possess certain characteristics like exceptional mathematical and analytical skills, creativity, keenness with details, good communication and interaction skills, a strong drive to achieve goals, and the ability to make sound decisions under time constraints. Though not required, a four-year degree in merchandising, fashion design and other related fields plus any retail experience may be favorable if one are interested with the buyer job.

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