Thoughts on franchising

Yesterday we went to my parents place to visit them, when we arrived I learned that my sister was busy talking to our cousin in Japan. Our cousin was asking for suggestions about her plan to avail a franchise business here in our country. She said she has sisters here that are willing to manage her franchise business.

A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs like my cousin think franchising is the way to launch their business career, since a franchised venture already has a proven business model. They think the risks are somewhat lesser compared to launching a new business based on their own concepts.

But still, there is no guarantee that every franchisee will succeed. Even when you choose the best franchises in the country, the success still lies from having the capability to be a franchisee. I hope my cousin will do a lot of analyzing and serious studies before she dives into any kind of business. Owning a business here while residing in Japan is really a big gamble.

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