She remains strong

My friend has decided to put up her own business, a skin care and spa center which will open next month. Now she's looking for a printing company that could give her affordable rates for her booklet printing needs. Her plan is to promote her business by giving leaflets to people in different locations. She's planning to hire people to do the work so she could advertise her business to as many people as possible.

I admire my friend for her courage and determination to open another business despite her failed businesses in the past. Well, I know it is because of her strong faith in God that keeps her standing amidst all the trials and hardships that she faced in their lives. She remains strong in spite of everything and her testimony is also a source of encouragement to a lot of people in our church.

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  1. I admire empowered Women who had the guts to open their own business and find their own niche in the industry....One day I dream of having my own biz too....