A big inconvenience

Heavy rain is pouring like crazy right now in our place. I'm sure my husband will flare up again when he goes out and drive tonight. That's because the road all the way from our house to office will be flooded again not just with rainwater but with mud. He really hate seeing his car wheels full of sticky mud. I wonder what he would do if our car has the famous mandrus wheels and not the ordinary one. Well, I think he will not use the car anymore.lol 

But what really makes him mad is the unfinished road renovation project of DPWH in our place. It's almost one month now since they started digging and tearing the concrete road. The worst thing is, now they were left undone. The inconvenience they have brought to every motorist is really getting into everybody's nerves.   We really hope their conscience will bother them, they made us suffer too much.

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