Tips on How To Get Super Soft Lips

Wanna have this sexy luscious lips?  You need to have lip hygiene on a regular basis.

Lip balm is essential for having those envious lips. When seasons changed, the lip balm also is changed. During summers, you should have a SPF 15 so that your lips are well protected against the harmful UV rays. Lips is protected from chapping and drying. In winter and cloudy days a lip balm enriched with shea butter and glycerin is advantageous as it reduces the probability of having dry and cracked lips. If overlooked dry and cracked lips may result in pain and bleeding. Keep your body well hydrated, this will keep your lips soft supple and sensuous.

Choose a good branded lip balm never compromise on the quality. Stay away from extreme weather conditions and shun matte lipsticks as it simply sucks all the moisture from your lips.

Apart from balm, you should also exfoliate your lips to shed off the dead skin cells from them.

Eat a lot of green vegetables and citrus fruits in your diet. Vitamin B should be taken in large quantities as it prevents chapping of lips.

Habits like licking, sucking and biting your lips should be avoided as they will make them dark and non-appealing.

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