Abusive employer

My brother has been working as a nurse in a private clinic for 9 months now and yet up to now he’s only receiving a small allowance. We believe his employer is already taking advantage of him. My brother wants to leave but his employer told him that he cannot get a certificate of employment if he will not work for a minimum of two years. Imagine that, he has to work for his employer for two years without receiving the right compensation due to him. Anyway, we told our brother that we will help him find another job. I can help him through online job search.

Right now my brother is specializing in handling patients undergoing dialysis. Since dialysis nurses are few, the demand for them is higher compared to regular staff nurse. My brother is also aiming to have an experience in handling Howard Medical hospital cart. It’s a special type of medical cart because it is computerized. These special trainings are part of his preparation to pursue his plan to work abroad.

I know a lot of nurses here in our country have the same situation or had bad experiences from their abusive employers. We’ve heard a lot of news or stories about it. It's really sad and disappointing. 

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