Help Your Child Conquer Dyslexia And Other Learning Disabilities

Getting kids with dyslexia to love school can be a challenge for parents. How many times have dyslexic students been labeled as troublemakers or slow learners by their peers and even their teachers who don’t know about their condition? The difficulty in reading can be frustrating for children, causing a negative effect on their self-esteem. The best way to ensure that dyslexic kids get the best education is to enroll them in schools for learning disabilities. Fortunately, dyslexia awareness has been growing and more schools are offering special learning programs for dyslexic students.

You may wish to consider the Kildonan School, a coed dyslexia boarding school in Amenia, New York. Founded in 1969, the school is one of the forerunners of programs for dyslexic students. The school offers a specialized curriculum for elementary, middle school, high school and college-preparatory students.
The Kildonan School truly understands the needs of student life. The campus is complete with dormitories, school buildings, a library, an athletic center, a health center, and an art building. Meals are not a problem too, for the Dining Hall near the dormitories serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner for day and boarding students.

Kildonan aims to make learning more enjoyable for people with dyslexia. Students receive one-on-one Orton-Gillingham instructions from teachers who are especially trained to conduct multi-sensory teaching to students with learning disabilities. Instead of the usual reading and writing in regular classes, Kildonan incorporates various recreational activities such as horseback riding, snowboarding, and various art courses in their programs. One popular project is the metal wall art where students can express their energy and creativity.

Dyslexia must not hamper your kid’s education. The Kildonan School’s mission is to make students confident and motivated in school. Enroll your kid in a Kildonan program and see how he transforms into a competent learner. The school takes pride in the 100% college acceptance rate of their students.

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