Persian Rug Cleaner: Restoring Oriental Rugs For Generation

Experts agree that oriental rugs are too delicate to be washed on your own. Leave Oriental rug cleaning to Persian Rug Cleaner, a professional rug cleaner specializing in the cleaning, repair, and restoration of handmade rugs made from the finest upholstery. 

Persian Rug Cleaner is located in Preston Road, Dallas. The company has been servicing Oriental rug owners since 1978. Persian Rug Cleaner provides professional carpet services including stain and odor removal, color correction, antique rug restoration and appraisal, padding installation, and maintenance cleaning. These services are available Mondays to Fridays, 9:30 am -5:30 pm.

The top enemy of oriental rugs and every other carpet in general is dampness. Not only does it produce unpleasant stains and odor, it also becomes a breeding ground for molds and fungi. One of the usual causes of stained carpet is atrium windows problems. Some atrium windows review point out that improper installations of windows lead to leaks that may gather on the carpeted floor. Persian Rug Cleaner conducts thorough cleaning to free every carpet fiber of dampness, dirt and dust. All services are conducted by professional technicians who will gladly teach you a thing or two about the proper care and handling of your rug. 

Worried over pet stains? Fret not! Persian Rug Cleaner has developed a special enzyme wash for removing odor and stains caused by urine and animal stains. The company does not use rug shampoos with harsh chemicals or perfume that can damage rug fibers. They make sure that they identify the type and cause of stain correctly in order to choose the best way to remove it.

Persian Rug Cleaner observes every precaution to ensure special care for your rug. The company picks up your rug, grooms it, and then reinstalls it for free. It takes only a week to get your rug as rich and as vibrant when was new.


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