Sweet and Memorable Anniversary Ideas: Personalized Gifts, Envelope and More!

Our anniversary is fast approaching and I want to make the best of it. We all want to celebrate special days with our better half,   it allows us to spend quality time with them. It also ensures that we specifically take time out of our individual busy schedule so as to be with each other.

The question is, what can we do to be able to show that we are still deeply in love with him/her? Here are some memorable anniversary ideas i have researched.

Go Back to Your First Date. Take him or her back to the place where you first met, or the place where you had your first date. Let them know that you are still as attracted to them as the first time you met and perhaps a lot more. Try and remember what they ordered for themselves on the first date together, and order for the same for them this time. 

Have Fun. Go ice skating together, if not, try bowling. Go for fairy rides and experience the thrill of a super fast joyride. Enjoy hotdogs, and cotton candy together. Go to a water park where you can have a great time.

Take a Break.Take a week off and go for a romantic vacation. You can either go check out Hollywood, or the beaches of California. Enjoy sunbathing and simply relax. Try water sports together such as surfing, wakeboarding and scuba diving. Or you could just simply laze around and go for swims together and watch the sun setting. Take long walks early in the morning or late at night, while you enjoy sipping on tropical drinks.

Prepare an Aroma Bath. Take efforts to prepare a bath for them, so that they can enjoy a relaxing dip when they come back from work. Mix aroma oils and liquid soap in a tub of water. Place fragrant candles or incense in the bathroom and near the tub. Add a few flower petals into the water as well if it's for a lady. 

Karaoke Night Out. Take your better half, out on a karaoke night out. You should take this opportunity to announce to everyone about it being your anniversary. You can request her or him to sing a duet with you, or you could simply sing their favorite songs for them. PS: It doesn't matter if you can't sing well, simply crone the songs out and that will do just fine!

Learn To Dance. This rule applies only for those who don't know ballroom dancing. If not, learn a dance form, such as salsa or cha-cha and surprise your spouse on the anniversary night. If this idea seems too tedious, simply take them out partying on a dance floor. Let your hair down and enjoy the night while it lasts. 

One Place at a Time. Make a pact to go visit a new destination for every anniversary. It may be a place that neither of you have ever visited together or it may be a place that both of you would love revisiting. This will create eagerness for you both to look forward to. Make the best of these trips and spend as much time together as possible. Rekindle your friendship and love for each other.

Love Letter Placed in a Personalized Envelope. A handwritten love letter makes a thoughtful anniversary gift, it is simple yet romantic. Make your own personalized envelope, if you can do envelope printing give it a unique design to make it look really sweet and memorable. Use special paper, you can find them from craft stores or specialty stores. 

Make Personalized Gifts. Make something for them, for example cook a delicious dinner for them or bake a cake with frosting. Or make cards, Cd's, bouquets, T-shirts or bath robes with personalized initials. There are no limitations on the personalized handmade gifts. Your gift will be loved, just because you put in efforts to make it. Decide to switch off all phones and not to check emails, instead spend all day inside the house with each other, without any interruptions. Place a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the front door knob of your house!

Let them know how much you respect and care about them by doing something really special this anniversary. Do not forget to thank them for their loving care and presence in your life.

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