Dieting for one

It can often be hard being inspired to cook for just one person. It is easy to fall into the trap of being lazy and turning to convenience food, microwave meals for one, takeaways or quick sandwich or pasta dish.  Dieting for one is also tough, if you don’t have someone to share meals with or help make meal plans it can be hard to stay on track.

The beauty of the Dukan diet lies in the online support available, both directly on the site and also on the countless forums and blogs set up about it.  There are healthy diet plans available online providing you with meal plans and tips throughout the 4 dukan diet phases.  

The diet itself works well for both large families and for single dieters.  The initial two phases involves a lot of protein foods such as chicken, turkey, beef, ham, fishes, eggs and vegetable proteins.  It is easy to cook a whole cut of meat or whole poultry item and use that to bulk up meals and provide snacks throughout the week.  Cook a whole side of salmon, a whole chicken, a whole turkey or a few beef fillets and eat them throughout the week, mixing them up with other protein foods for variety.  Fill the fridge with simple snack foods such as smoked salmon, eggs which you can quickly boil, seafood sticks, low fat yoghurts and cottage cheese.  Phase two introduces 28 vegetables so when you get to that phase stock up your fridge with the safe foods and double up on portions so on pure protein days cook a whole chicken, leftovers of that can then be used in the vegetable and protein days in a chicken stirfry or chicken and vegetable soup.

The consolidation phase is easy to manage. It introduces a piece of a selection of fruit a day, 2 slices of wholegrain bread a day, 40g cheese a day and 2 starch products a week that aren’t potatoes or white rice.  Buy portions of fruit individually, enough for the week, freeze bread so you can use a slice at a time and not waste a loaf or be tempted to eat more, hard cheeses (recommended) can also be frozen and wholegrain rice and pasta stores and lasts well.

Your celebration meals in the consolidation phase can be bought fresh on the day and just buy enough for that meal so you are not tempted to return for seconds.

Dukan for one is easy to do, just plan ahead and shop sensibly sticking to the weight loss plan.

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